Best Celeb Moms to Follow

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1. Sandy Rogan

Lot’s of parents are not privy to technology and being hip to all these social platforms this generation is so addicted to. I’ve caught my parents trying to seem in-the-know asking about “myface”, “bookface” or my personal favorite “facespace”. You can’t help but chuckle. Some celebrity parents will make you chuckle too, but because they are intentionally being funny. Here is our list of top 5 celebrity parents you should follow.

Being funny must be genetic in the Rogan family because Seth Rogan’s mother, Sandy Rogan is pretty damn hilarious. We recommend following her on twitter. She has witt for days. Here are some of our favorite tweets by mama Rogan:

“How do I send the tweet to seth?”

“I am trying to tweet a picture and i cant’. And if you answer me i can’t figure out how to see it. Seth call me.”

“If I have sex it should be called granny sex ! Because I am a grandma. I think that’s so funny.”

“Guess what ? I didn’t miss happy hour today ! “

We want her to make it to happy hour everyday, then precede to keep us updated through twitter.